How to make a tomahawk

You can make a simple tomahawk right at home.Depending if you are making your tomahawk for a school project,decoration or just for fun ,there are many different variations of the tomahawk that you can make.You can follow the guide below to make a simple yet effective tomahawk.If you want to make a more professional tomahawk then I suggest that you talk to your local blacksmith .

Things you will need

1.File or grinding wheel
2.1/4 inch plate steel
3.Welding Equipment
4. 3/4 inch heavy gauge metal pipe or wood handle

Steps to making a tomahawk

1.Making you tomahawk head- cut your 1/4 inch plate of steel into the shape of a tomahawk blade.You can use other metals such as brass,iron or copper but steel is preferable.You can try to be creative wehn making your toamhawk blade but it should be slightly round.If you want increase your chances of sticking the blade then just increase the surface of the blade.Two choice that you can try are a half moon shape or a more aggresive “francisca” look for your head.

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2.Sharpen the blade-Now that you have made the blade you have to sharpen it.If you don’t then it won’t be able to stick well or chop well. The blade should be sharpened to about a 300 edge, beveled on either side.

3.A good length to cut your metal pipe /handle is the length of your forearm(from inside elbow to top of closed hand).The average tomahawk length is about 16-21 inches in length.If you feel it is too long then you can always cut it shorter.That’s the benfit of goin DIY style.It is important to note that the longer the handle the longer it will take to complete one revolution,which means that you have to be a little more further from the target.

4.Weld the bottom/butt of the blade to the top edge of the handle.The head should be flush with the top of the handle.

5.Remove the burrs-Make sure that after you finish cutting the metal that you remove the burrs.Any burrs left on the handle or head can pose a danger to the thrower.You habve been warned.

Final Product

final product

Time to have some fun

Now it is time to go have some fun and use your tomahawk.Tomahawk throwing is really fun once you get the hang of it.Make sure to be a proper distance from the target so that you can hit it properly.The goal is to make the tomahawk make one revolution before hitting the target.

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