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Oh… throwing knives. There probably hasn’t been a knife more romanticized and more misunderstood in the entire knife world. Throwing knives are extremely popular in every kind of action movie, from legendary westerns to modern films like the Bourne Identity. Throwing knives are always portrayed as fast and deadly weapons wielded by femme fatales and zen like ninjas and even the occasional super soldier.

If you are looking for the best throwing knives in the market you are definitely in the right place. I know by experience how difficult can be to select your first throwing knife. With so many models and brands available, this process can be overwhelming and time consuming. This is why I came up with a chart to help you compare and select your next throwing knife among well-known brands and popular models. For full information, price, and ratings about a knife, just click on the image.

Best Throwing Knives for 2016

The Art of Knife Throwing

Effectively throwing a knife requires a great deal of practice and training. Very few spend the time to learn to properly wield a throwing knife. Dedicated throwers have Olympic like talents with the blades in their hands. As a weapon, throwing knives are not the most effective. They are often illegal to carry, and even where they are legal to carry they are often difficult to conceal and draw.

Don’t get me wrong, throwing knives have been deadly weapons throughout history. In Africa large throwing blades that were teeming with random edges and large blades were a favorite for warfare. These things were absolutely brutal and resembled a cross between axes, knives and boomerangs.

Hitting a stationary target with a throwing knife is difficult enough, much less a moving human with ill intent. Throwing knives is an awesome hobby and a skill that is both challenging and fun to learn. Throwing knives are normally a single piece of strong steel. They are well balanced and lightweight. Most of the blades weight is in the center and the knives are designed to fly in a circle. These blades are often dull on the edges and feature a very sharp point.

Selecting the Best Throwing Knives

One of the first things to look for in a throwing knife is balance. A well balanced knife can be thrown from either grip or blade. The balanced knife makes for more consistent throwing and is more resistant to bounce back. The blade itself does not need to be incredibly sharp since it’s not for slashing anyway. The tip needs to be pointy, and I mean pointy to get a good solid stick.

The point should be strong and reinforced. Anything less is susceptible to the point bending or even breaking. The blade can be plane Jane, and it’s probably even better that way. You don’t need anything fancy or anything special. A nice solid one piece steel knife is perfect for a smooth and easy throw. Any kind of fanciful designs with added ridges, upturns or swoops can make the blade awkward and difficult to throw.

When it comes to blade weight a beginner should focus on a nice medium weight blade. A light weight knife has more in air wobble in air and can be affected more from environmental factors like wind. A heavy blade is difficult to learn a proper throw with due to the strength necessary to get a good spin on it.

A nice starter knife needs a medium weight, a strong point, and needs to be straight and simple. This combination can suit any beginner, and will give them valuable skills to translate to lighter and faster knives, or heavier and more powerful blades.

Recommended Throwing Knives

United Cutlery Expendables Kunai Thrower

United Cutlery Expendables Kunai Thrower


When I mentioned throwing knives being popular in movies I wasn’t joking. The Expendablesis one of the latest movies to feature a knife throwing bad ass. The character Lee Christmas and his knife throwing skills were so popular that United Cutlery decided to reproduce authentic copies of the knife for the collector market.

These are based off the popular Kunai throwing knives. The Kunai is an old and time proven design for a throwing knife. The blade is meant to be used exclusively for throwing and is very small and very simple. These are lightweight knives and not designed for beginners, but one could start with them and become comfortable very fast.

These blades are 12 inches long and they are made of AUS-6 stainless steel. The knife is a joy to throw. I had to break some rust off my throwing skills, but once I did these knives were fast and accurate. I threw against an old log that was soft and the blades sunk into it quite deep. The blades featured a great point that was just heavy enough to really sink into the wood. The stylish design was more for function than for style. These blades are excellent throwers, and well balanced, just a bit heavier in the point than the rear. It’s a great blade that’s easy to throw and stylish to boot.


United Cutlery Tomahawk Throwing Knife

United Cutlery Tomahawk Throwing Knife

Now when it comes to a well-balanced all around set of throwing knives United Cutlery has produced an amazing set. The Tomahawk Throwing blades are knives even though the name is a bit misleading. The blades come in a set of three and made from a single piece of steel.

The knives are perfectly balanced for throwing and feature a dagger design. The knives can be thrown from the blade or handle and a great medium weight knife. The knives are lightweight and can really zip through the air when thrown. They are remarkably fast and accurate. The fine is very fine which makes them very accurate and reduces bounce back.

They seem to be built solidly and are resistant to most abuse can put them through. I’m no expert so trust me when I say I miss a lot and the blade hit rock, tree and ground quite often. No matter what they hit they held together well, and the point staid straight. The blades seemed very well built and very sturdy.

The main issue I had was learning to throw lightweight knives. I felt like a fool for some time until I finally got a good throwing distance and angle. It takes some true skill to throw and I had to revert back to noob status and whip out the cardboard.


Ninja Stealth Silver Throwing Knives

Ninja Stealth Silver Throwing Knives

Ninjas are the supreme knife throwers according to film and video games. It’s only natural the legendary Ninja title gets attached to a set of throwing knives. These knives are great starting blades, and they are a medium weight and medium length. They come in a set of three which makes learning to throw much easier when you don’t have to walk to your target after every throw.

The blades are single piece steel and extremely pointy. They are very Spartan in design and this makes them smooth throwers. My biggest problem with them wasn’t when the blade hit the target but it’s when I missed. The tip of two of the blades bent when I missed my log and struck rock. Not huge deals since the knives are quite affordable. I suggest having a soft backing for them to land in.

The blades threw very well, and there balance made them easy to learn with. The affordability makes them a great beginning blade for throwing since you can use and abuse, break and lose them. They are a nice little set of knives can use until they are ready for a bit more precise and more expensive thrower.

Extra Tips Before you Buy

At this point you know that the best throwing knives are more much different from other types of knives such as folding knives or everyday carry knive in their application and how they are built. In this section we are going to give you some extra tips for you to keep in mind at the time you pick up your throwing knife set.

  • Weight: As mentioned before, the balance of the whole knife is extremely important for a great performance. Each of the knives has to have an excellent weight distribution and should be around 3 to 5 ounces.
  • Aerodynamic: Throwing knives should also be aerodynamic so they can travel fast and smooth without slowing down. This is why you should look for blades that are symmetric and as flat as possible. Convex or concave blades will make throwing the knife awkward and difficult.
  • Durability: Due to the extensive force applying to the knife when you are throwing it, the blade will definitely wear down quicker than any other type of knife. This is why I constantly recommend to always get throwing knives that are primarily just a single metal. No moving parts or similar features, just one single metal tang from the blade to the handle.

Final Thoughts

Knife throwing is just an addicting hobby. It takes the same dedication and will to learn as becoming a marksman. It’s a bit cheaper than shooting since your ammo is reusable. If you’re the showy type this is a cool talent to prove your ninja skills to friends, family and enemy ninjas. Overall, it is a great hobby that anyone can learn. Feel free to leave some comments if you want to know more about how to throw knives or how to select one.

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