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Hunting for most people is one of the truest ways to get back to nature. Hunting has been on the rise the last few years and many people are buying their first set of camouflage, first hunting rifle or shotgun, and of course their first hunting knife.  Knives are extremely important to hunters for not only maneuvering in the wilderness, but also for dressing game and effectively cleaning animals. The knife is the tool one can always fall back on. It doesn’t matter if your gun fails, your knife can be relied on no matter what.

Finding the best hunting knife can really take a lot of your time, and you still need to think about you other hunting gear if you haven’t. So we have make this task easier for you by creating the Best Hunting Knife Chart which ranks top sellers from different brands and models. You can use this dynamic chart to sort your selection by blade material, blade length, overall length, weight, price, and rating. Just click on the header of each column to sort by your criteria or click on the image to read more about the product.

Best Hunting Knife Chart

Introduction to the Best Hunting Knife

A hunting knife can be either a folding knife or a fixed blade and often times the game your hunting will be the deciding factor in choosing a knife. The bird hunter won’t require a large fixed blade knife, but the deer or even a bear hunter may choose to do so.

The same goes for the occasional hunter and the die hard hunter. The occasional hunter may need little more than a single blade folding knife, but the diehard hunter may desire something stronger, larger and more versatile.  The hunter’s environment is also a deciding factor in knife selection. The deep brush hunter will want something with the ability to chew through foliage, and the open field hunter may desire something simple and light to carry, maybe something from the best edc knife chart.

Fixed Blades vs. Folding Blades

One will have to make the choice between a folding blade and a fixed blade. A folding knife can often offer more than one blade. This makes the knife a bit more versatile. We can’t forget the fact that any folding knife is much easier to carry and much easier to conceal. A fixed blade will be more robust and better suited for heavy duty tasks, but requires a good belt and some added heft.

What to look for in a High Quality Hunting Knife

  • A Good Blade

A good knife is essential for hunting and for general survival in the woods. A good knife won’t just be used to clean game, but clear firing paths, clear vantage points, and even finish a wounded animal if necessary. Finishing an animal needs to be quick and humane. The blade needs to capable of cutting deep and fast.

A hunting knife should be robust and durable no matter the situation. The blade should be sharp enough to cut meat from bone with ease. The blade should be long enough to make deep incisions if necessary. The blade should also be corrosion resistant. Blood is full of salt and can cause knives to rust extremely quickly. A corrosion resistant blade is critical when it comes to choosing a good hunting knife. The knife may face all form moisture in the brush as well. From morning dew to the thick swamps of the south east, the knife will be exposed to all form of abuse and moisture.

  • Try to get some Serrations

The knife should also feature some form of serration. This serration needs to be strong and sharp, and capable of cutting through over an inch of hard material. This serrated edge will make a big difference when it comes to chewing through branches that block the proper sight line for a clean shot.

The serrated edge will also be necessary for cutting through bone. Cleaning an animal, especially a deer, will require you to cut through the neck and a good portion of serrated blade will guarantee a clean cut. The blade itself needs to be razor sharp. The blade should not only be able to clean the animal, but dress it as well. Dressing is different than cleaning. Dressing is the final step in fully processing your kill. Cleaning is taking the skin, limbs, and head off, but dressing is cleaning the meat off the bone for cooking or long term storage.

  • Comfortable Grip

Dressing is a precise action, and requires skillful cuts. The cuts must be precise to harvest as much meat as possible and avoid wasting anything. These kinds of cuts require an extremely sharp and maneuverable blade.

Maneuverability comes from a good strong grip on the knife. The handle needs to be large enough to fill the hand and provide a good strong base to grip. The surface needs to be non-slip and easy to hold. This will make slices and cuts easy to accomplish, and make dressing the animal much safer for you.

Best Hunting Knife Recommendation

KA-BAR Full Size

KA-BAR Full Size

The Ka Bar is one of my favorite knives of all time. I’ve carried one around the world. I’ve carried the blade from the poppy fields of Afghanistan to the thick woods of Northern Florida. The knife carries with it it’s own fame and glory. The knife has been issued to the United States Marine Corps for over fifty years. The blade has been adapted from the basic fighting knife to its current incarnation the standard issue bayonet for the Marines.

The name Ka Bar seems somewhat odd and random. The name comes from an old story regarding the knife and a trapper in the wild northwest. Legend goes this hunter had written a letter to the company that would become Ka Bar telling of an adventure he had with the knife. He was a trapper who ran afoul of a bear. He was not very literate so the story he told was somewhat hard to understand. The words Ka Bar stood out, which the hunter was trying to say he had killed a bear with the blade.

The Ka Bar features a seven inch blade and thick handle wrapped in leather. The blade is coated with a corrosion resistant material and is razor sharp. The blade is straight and tough as nails. You  can also get the partially serrated blade model. The Ka Bar is a brilliant knife. The hand guard is large and keeps the hand from sliding during use.

The knife comes with a leather sheath that is strong and attractive. I’ve used the knife to clean game of all sizes. From rabbits to trophy bucks the blade has never let me down. The serrated edge is capable of cutting through limbs and bone with ease. The long blade is strong and holds an amazing edge.

The blade is capable of dressing came as well. It is almost as fine as a filet knife. The blade cleanly removes flesh from bone without much difficulty. The Ka bar is extremely strong and resistant to wear and tear as well as moisture. It’s an excellent hunting blade and capable of being an excellent survival weapon if need be.

Here is a video about Ka-Bar history and its popularity.  Take a look and enjoy.


Definitely, the Ka Bar is a great knife to add to your hunting gear. Use the dynamic chart to get more details on the knife you are looking and if you have any questions you know where to find me. I will keep updating this guide in the future after I get some time to test other hunting knives, but if you have any suggestion or would like me to review any hunting knife, please leave your comment bellow.

Also remember that you can find more buying guides in the top of the website. Greetings.

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