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As you already know, I like to compare many details before making my final decision. This way is easier for me, and many people, to get what we really need and use our budget wisely. If you are you looking for the Best EDC Knife but with so many options you don’t know which one to choose, then you came to the right place. Find the Best EDC pocket Knife using our Dynamic Chart as a guide to review and see what are the most popular models in the market. You can sort the Best Everyday Carry Knife Chart by clicking on the heading of the columns or read more information about the product by clicking on the image.

Top Best EDC Knife for 2016

Kershaw  Black Clash Folding Serrated SpeedSafe Knife

Kershaw Black Clash Folding Serrated SpeedSafe Knife

I am reviewing the Kershaw Black Clash first in the list because this is my personal favorite everyday budget knife. I bought it around one year and half ago and its performance is like Manny Pacquiao, awesome!

I got this knife on sale online for less than $24 and although I have my doubts at the beginning, once I gave it a try I liked it a lot. Maybe you will also feel a little bit skeptical about China Manufactured products, but let me tell you that you don’t need to worry about it with this knife. Actually, if you didn’t read where is the knife coming from you wouldn’t have a clue where it was manufactured. Even if you receive a product that doesn’t meet your expectations or it has any manufacturing damage you can call the local distributor and they will get you a new one. So no big worries here.

What I really like about this knife is the assisted open feature. It is fast, smooth, and precise. You can clip the knife on your pocket, take it out, and engage the knife in less than a second. Only a small pressure on the release lock and you are ready to go. Forget about repositioning or flipping the knife, this is a truly one hand opening knife. The blade material you are getting with this babe is a 8CR13MOV which is a pretty fine-grain steel, and it holds a very sharp edge. It is a great steel and right out of the box is razor sharp.

SOG Aegis Knife

SOG Aegis Knife


If bigger blades appeal to you, definitely the SOG Aegis is an excellent choice for you. The Aegis has a 3.5 inches blade, just a little bit longer than the average 3.0 inches folding knives in the market, but still an excellent EDC knife for your collection.

Its body weight is only 3.1 ounces, making this knife exceptionally lightweight and easy to carry around. The blade is an AUS8 stainless steel, a very strong premium Japanese steel that is absolutely sharp. This is why the SOG Aegis is above the average market price, but for sure your are getting a superior quality.

The long tanto blade shape works excellent for piercing and thrust, making it a good recommendation as an emergency knife. The knife ergonomics are also really nice. It feels very comfortable if you have big hands or you are working with gloves. The handle is done with glass reinforced nylon, which is a high quality material and not a cheap plastic from a one dollar store. Overall, the SOG Aegis worth’s every single cent. You are paying here for high quality, big blade, excellent materials, and more. For an excellent tactical/EDC knife I strongly recommend the SOG Aegis.


GERBER E-Z Out Skeleton

GERBER E-Z Out Skeleton

I love Gerber tools and therefore I had to review my Gerber EZ Out Skeleton Fine Edge Clip Folding Knife.

This ultralight, super comfortable, and 100% made in the USA knife is a great choice for your every day carry knife. I like to carry this knife when I’m hiking, fishing, or just around the house. It is so versatile and comfortable to carry with you that it becomes part of you. Just clip it in your front pocket or your belt and you are ready to go.

You can easily open the knife with one hand and it has a solid lock mechanism to secure the blade once it is full opened. It feels good in your hand and you won’t get disappointed. For less than $27 bucks you are getting a premium 3.5 inches half straight half serrated blade, gorgeous body design, a well balance tool, a textured handle with soft grip, and more. You can definitely find a similar knife with other brands, but for the money Gerber can’t be beat.

Gerber Swagger Assisted Opening Knife

Gerber Swagger Assisted Opening Knife

This is the updated version of the original Gerber Swagger. The major improvement in this knife was the Assisted Opening mechanism. This new mechanism improves the speed of the blade deployment, making it faster and smoother.You need to practice a couple of times before it becomes really natural and smooth. Opening/closing the blade several times will helps you feel the difference in speed.

The blade is a 3.25 inches serrated blade coated with nitride titanium for excellent corrosion resistance. The blade holds an edge for a long time and it is razor sharp out of the box. The handle is a composite handle that helps a lot for getting a good grip. The Swagger AO looks awesome when you clip it on your pocket. This knife has a slim profile and lightweight body structure, making it a good EDC choice for anyone looking for a light/mid-light spring assisted knife.

What is the an Everyday Carry Knife?

The term EDC is the abbreviation of Every Day Carry and it is a term that has become quite popular these days. Every day carry refers to the items one carries every single day and are small enough not to be a nuisance. The term can refer to the flashlight, cell phone, wallet and even a handgun a person carries, a multi functional tool, and of course the knife they carry.

A knife is by far going to be the most used and most important tools everyone can use. A gun can protect someone, but the likelihood of using it is extremely low. When it comes to using a knife it will more likely to be used every single day. I carry both a gun and a knife every day and I’ve never used my carry gun, but my knife has been used over a dozen times, even for life-dead situations.

A knife should be part of everyone’s every day carry tools. Of course some of us live in localities where we can’t carry knives and I understand that. For the majority of us, a knife will come in extremely handy for our day to day lives. When such useful tools can fit in a pocket there is really no reason not to carry one.

Most Common Tasks for the Best Everyday Carry Knife

There is a huge range of common tasks for your every-day-carry knife. Here a small list of activities I have used my knife during the week.

  • Cutting, open, and break boxes
  • Cutting strings of my Tennis Racket
  • Scrape tape off glass
  • Open packages
  • Sharpen a pencil (Who uses a pencil? I know I know)
  • Food preparation
  • Strip wires to repair an extension cord
  • Picking out splinters
  • Self-Defense
  • Clean my fingernails because I am a gentlemen!

This list will keep growing according to your environment and daily activities. An important thing to keep in mind is that one type of knife is not going to be the best at every job. A knife that performs excellent in one task, may not be close to good at another. But this will happen with any EDC Gear. The important point to remember is to find the right balance between size, weight, and practicability.

How Much Should you Pay for the Best EDC Knife?

Keep in mind that you don’t want to walk around with a low quality knife that might fail you when you need it the most. This is why you should invest in a high quality knife and avoid any bargain knives from unknown brands or no name companies. Although it is not an end-all requirement, based on my personal experience, a good benchmark price for a high quality EDC knife should be $20 USD. Remember that good quality comes at a premium, and you will get what you pay for. Getting a knife from an unknown company or counterfeit at $4 to $9 is definitely a waste of time and a potential risk. First, you spend your money buying a tool that will fail you in a short time and you will end up putting it in the trash can. Second, the tool can break when you are using it and hurt you, so you need to be really careful with the knife you buy. So at the end you will spend more money and time searching for a new knife. So why not to invest in a good knife the first time? Of course, you will always can find a good sale price and get the knife that you wanted, but at least you had a benchmark price and you are buying a well-known brand knife.

What to look for in an Everyday Carry Knife

Personal Need

The first thing to look for in an everyday carry knife is personal need. Everyone’s situation is vastly different. No one knife will be the perfect solution for everyone. Some of us need a smaller and more lightweight knife option. I personally hate a lot of bulk and weight in my pocket, and I don’t often find myself in need of a large carry knife.

People working in construction occupations and spending most of the day on a job site can easily carry large multitools and best folding knives that can be worn on a belt pouch. Others who wear a shirt and tie to work may be restricted from carrying a large blade in belt pouches or even knives with pocket clips. These folk’s chosen blade should be small, compact, and designed to disappear in the pocket.

Others may be restricted by the laws of their locality. Here is a summary for Blade Length limits for Knife Carry in the U.S. Often a line is drawn between what is a tool and acceptable to carry, and what is a weapon. Most states define this by blade length. Three inches is usually the maximum length a knife can be before it becomes a weapon. Other states may restrict assisted opening knives, and even more may restrict fixed blades. Read more about knife legislation here.

Size and Appearance

Any EDC knife, no matter the size, should have a few features in common. First off, the knife needs to be made to carry. No one is carrying a Ka Bar fighting knife on a day to day basis. It’s just not viable for the majority of us carrying a knife.

Second, the knife should blend into your environment and not appear threatening. Assisted opening knives is a great option, it’s just extremely handy to be able to open a blade with one hand. Most of these knives don’t appear threatening, and resemble your normal everyday knife. Choosing the famous Italian stiletto that has become the go to knife for criminals in movies isn’t the best idea. Same goes for the more famous Balisong, also known as the butter fly knife. The negative connotations maybe fictional, but they still exist.

Blade quality

Of course, blade quality is probably the most important consideration. The blade needs to be made of tough steel that holds a good edge for a long time. Another consideration iscorrosion resistant steel or a good corrosion resistant finish. A knife riding in the pocket is bound to attract the sweat of the person carrying it. Quality knife making materials like CPM S30V, AUS-8 Steel, 420HC are all excellent steel to make knives from. They all hold good edge and are naturally corrosion resistant.

Fixed blade vs. Folding knives

Now, when deciding a folding knife versus a fixed blade you need to consider how it is going to be carried. Folding knives can be shorter, but fixed blade knives are much, much thinner. Secondly a fixed blade doesn’t have to rely on a locking system. A fixed blade does require the use of a sheath to carry safely, and a folding knife can just slip into the pocket. I will talk more about fixed blades knives in a future post.

Here is a Video from cutlery lover, a great youtube channel for knives reviews, zippo tricks, and more.

Final Thoughts

Any EDC Gear is about tradeoffs and everyday carry knives are not the exception. You are looking for a knife that is not too heavy to carry around, not too big or too small for your hand, not too large so it can fit perfectly in your pocket, and you want it to be strong and sharp, something close to folding knives. In general, you are looking for a knife that can be used in as much as possible tasks without breaking your pocket. Definitely, choosing one is a daunting task, but don’t panic, your decision is not written in stone. As you learn more about everyday carry knives, and new models and design come out, your criteria for choosing any multi tool for edc will definitely change. The important thing here to remember is to not be afraid of experimenting and testing new knives. This post is just a small introduction on EDC knives and how to choose one.  It only touches the surface when it comes on their utility and maintenance, but these topics are definitely coming soon. So hope you like this small introduction and if you have any doubts or opinions, feel free to leave your comment below.

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